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Welcome to the Norman Croucher website. I hope that you will enjoy browsing through the various pages I have put together to explain who I am and what I do.

As a double leg amputee my mountaineering has certainly been challenging, and the greater the challenge the greater the reward - if you succeed.

One difficulty was choosing targets which were ambitious and at the same time realistic. I achieved my ambition of climbing a mountain of 8,000 metres by many stages and over many years as I explored my physical and mental limits. Time and again there were knock-backs, but winners must have the courage to fail, must get up again and go back to the mountain with a positive attitude. You need to ignore, convert or circumvent the prophets of doom, the faint-hearted, the blockers, the losers, t
Norman tackles a vast ice wall at Altitude in South America.
he cynics and that applies not just in mountaineering but also in many other areas of life. There has been an added motivation in that my climbing has been the base for campaigns promoting access, integration and adventure sports for people with disabilities.

Aside from my activities as a writer and motivational speaker giving talks and lectures, more recently my attentions have been focussed on climbing activities for older people and I make an ad hoc input into several organisations concerned with young people. I make no bones about it, I do these things because they give me a sense of purpose; there is nothing self-sacrificing in my work.

Without my mountains, life would certainly have been hollow, and I would not have been asked to put something into the pot of inspiration, from which all with an open mind can drink.

Good luck and happy browsing!
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film work

Norman has been the subject of two recent films by Devon based filmmaker Andy Johnstone for BBC's Inside Out magazine programme, including his recent trip to climb a peak in Switzerland and his attempt to learn to paraglide.

Please see the press page for more information and you can view a clip from the BBC film that followed Norman's attempt to learn to paraglide below.

talks & lectures

In demand as a funny and motivational speaker, Norman has lectured to a wide variety of audiences of up to three and a half thousand people at home and abroad.
Koktang/©Roger Payne 2012

To find out more or to book Norman vitas the talks & lectures page.
"Despite having two below the knee artificial legs, Norman Croucher set out to climb just one of the world's 14 mountains which exceed 8,000 metres, or as he put it "join the 5-mile high club"...


To book Norman for a talk or lecture, please visit The Right Address or call +44 1895 827 800.
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Please note that all Norman's lectures include multimedia content (Powerpoint presentations, slideshows and video).

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